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//Turning 30 Is The New 20//

Now that I'm 30, looking back in my 20's there are a lot of things I'm so grateful I've learned along the way... Here are my top 20 words of wisdom:

1.) Be yourself. Honestly, the cookie-cutter version society try's to smoother you with is overrated and unoriginal.

2.) Be transparent. When we try to "be perfect" it's unrelatable and we set ourselves up for failure.

3.) Be generous. Whatever you keep in your hand that's all you get. Whatever you give multiplies.

4.) Be a good steward with your finances. I've had credit card debt before and it's not worth it when you can't even remember

what you bought anyway.

5.) Use your time wisely. Today is a gift and you'll never get "today" back.

6.) Watch your words. Complaining brings a negative life with no solutions. Speaking positive creates a better environment for

yourself, others, and your future.

7.) Keep your class and don't gossip. It's tacky and doesn't do any good.

8.) Stop caring what others think! This is a BIG one. It's such a prison we chain ourselves in. It sucks the life out of you and

drains your energy. #GodsHeirDontCare

9.) Let it go. The offense, the hurt, the anger...It's not worth it and if you were on your deathbed it wouldn't matter anymore.

Give it to God. He can heal your heart and turn any situation around.

10.) Lose your life. I LOVE how the Bible talks about this. Jesus said in Matthew 16:25, "For whoever wants to save their life will lose it, but whoever loses their life for me will find it."

11.) Which brings me to my next point. When you can truly live fearless and not afraid of death, that's when you can truly live!

12.) There is NO mistake you make that can take you out of God's grace. His mercy is new every morning and He is the only

one who will never give up on you.

13.) Doing it God's way is better. I've never regretted this. It's only when I try to do it my way, I end up in regret.

14.) Trust God. I used to think if I did this, I'd end up miserable and not like His outcome for my life. Boy, was I wrong! It's when

I trust Him, I LOVE the outcome. I look back and realize it's when I didn't, I was miserable.

15.) God is faithful. (PERIOD)

16.) You were born with a purpose, for a purpose, and on purpose. You are the ONLY one that can fulfill God's calling on your life. That's how special you are!

17.) Know your worth. If you live by others approvals, you'll die by their rejections. How can someone reject what they didn't give you? They are not your Savior. Christ is! 18.) You are loved, called, chosen and equipped! God actually likes you. You are not a mistake. He thinks you're so rad, He sent His ONLY Son to die for you because He loves you! 19.) The negative thoughts in your head is a lie. Don't believe any of it! Instead, open up God's Word and be set free from the truth! 20.) If God is all you have, God is all you need. He is more than enough. When you can be content in any circumstance and trust Him, He's got a plan. Then truly you can live in joy and peace.

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