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//Special Announcement//

In the excitement of launching my blog, I'm honored and grateful to say, I will be having a radio show as well!

A few weeks ago I was asked by good friends of mine, Pastor's Chris and Michelle Miller who are the Youth Pastors at Living Word Bible Church in Ahwatukee, to be on Michelle's radio show - Walking In Grace. Michelle's radio show is on King FM on Central City Radio every Tuesday night at 7pm (AZ time). These two amazing people have been such a positive example in my life, as I had the opportunity to serve the youth and their lovely daughters under their leadership a few years back. Their heart for God and young people is awe-inspiring. So, of course I said YES to being on Michelle's show! The topic we discussed was, what it means to BE BOLD in your faith. I had the honor and privilege to share publicly my testimony on growing up, becoming bold in my faith, and the lessons I learned along the way. You can download for free and listen to the full podcast here. I was totally blown away and humbled by the outpour of positive responses I received on Facebook and phone calls from friends and family. Later, the owner of Central City Radio Station asked me about my thoughts of having my own show.

With my personal blog just about to launch, I thought what better way to inspire women in faith, fitness, health, and beauty by making my blog a radio show as well. This expands the hearts that can be reached and the versatile means to encourage and uplift others. With a background in teaching 5th Grade, Jr. High and High School, it is my personal heart and desire to encourage women to be the "me" they were born to be! Through my personal testimony, life journey, and what it looks like to pursue a relationship with Jesus in this modern day world, I hope to motivate you to be in the best shape of your life; spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically. I believe you can be joy filled, healthy, whole and content in Christ while pursing your calling, leaving your legacy, and becoming who God created you to be! So come join me here and starting May 15th, 2017, every Monday night at 7pm (AZ time) on King FM on Central City Radio, as I interview other positive women who are making a difference in this generation, as well as sharing personal devotionals, my favorite health tips and yummy recipes, beauty product reviews, fitness motivation, and fun ways to get involved in your community to be the change this world is looking for :)

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