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//It's About To Go Down With Michele Hunter//

The Jaclyn Nicole Show, Episode 4: Becoming Love

I was stoked to have been on the air last Monday with a good friend and mentor of mine, Michele Hunter! She has blessed me with her wisdom, testimony, and leading by example over the years. Michele is an amazing example of what it looks like for a woman to TOTALLY surrender her heart to the Lord.

During our show, Michele shared a couple of her testimonies. One of them was about how she has been married to her husband, Tommy Hunter, twice and divorced once. In the midst of their divorce, God consumed Michele with His love and gave her the encouragement and confidence that He could restore their marriage. Michele explains later how her and her husband, after being reconciled, has made it their mission to BECOME LOVE. They use the scripture from 1 Corinthians 13:4-8 to be the foundation on how they treat one another and others. This is completely different from the "me" centered society we live in and must be a choice we make, not merely a feeling. Through their ministry and the love and grace of God, many other struggling marriages have been saved.

Michele is also a pastor at a church with her husband, Tommy Hunter, at His Place Long Beach. Their vision and mission are building lives, one at a time, through helping each person know God’s love and grow in His truth. If that's not cool enough, they were also asked to share their testimony on TBN (Trinity Broadcasting Network)!

What a TRUE HONOR it was to have Michele Hunter on my radio show. Every time she opens her mouth to speak, she blesses the socks off of the one listening to her. Her testimony is so inspiring! She is a beacon of light and encouragement to a lost and broken world. Make sure to click on the link here to listen to the full interview of Michele's jaw-dropping testimony, what it looks like to be love, and trusting God in the midst of extreme trials. This chick is one overcomer!!

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