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//Girl-Time With A Lioness//

The Jaclyn Nicole Show, Episode 9: Grit & Grace

I was thrilled to have this sweet and sassy guest on my radio show last Monday night, Sarah Ortiz! She is FULL of inspiration, gracious words, and a heart ablaze for Jesus like a well-lit burning ember. You don't want to miss out on her interview and what we talked about that night! (link below)

Sarah and I were Facebook friends for about a year before we ever met in person. Social Media these days!...(as I laugh to myself). Sarah was dating a friend of mine who she later married, Ray Ortiz. I saw how much she loved Jesus and how encouraging she was so, I thought what a fun girl to connect with. When we got together in person, we had so much in common, we couldn't stop laughing at the similarities between us!

I love to bring women on the show who are not only positive role models for their community but also show others what a woman with a heart for God can accomplish and overcome in life. Sarah did just that and definitely brought the heat during her interview. She shared her heart about growing up in the church but later pursuing the party scene during her adolescence to medicate past hurts. She explains how God had pursued her during this time and won her heart back to Him. Sarah also shared insightful information and encouraging tips to overcome past hurt and disappointment, through God's Word. Sarah also shared with our viewers some amazing dating and relationship advice that she learned before marrying her husband. We had so much fun in the studio we didn't want the night to end! I know you will enjoy her interview as much as I did. For more details about Sarah Ortiz's testimony and to catch the full interview, click here for the free podcast.

You can connect, contact, and follow Sarah on her social media channels below. Stay tuned every Monday night (MST) from 7 p.m. - 8 p.m. on Central City Radio, King FM as I interview other positive women and how you can connect with them on The Jaclyn Nicole Show.

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