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The Jaclyn Nicole Show, Episode 10: When Light Breaks Through

I had a vivacious and charismatic guest on The Jaclyn Nicole Show with me last Monday night, Zhanna Leontyuk!! She is bold, beautiful, and on FIRE for God! We talked about our confessions, friends, fear, anxiety, God's grace, youth ministry, and Africa!

Zhanna and I became friends on Facebook through a mutual friend and actually never met in person. As silly as that sounds, I felt like I've known this amazing soul for far longer than I have! Zhanna always has the most encouraging, uplifting social media posts and is so inspiring with her wisdom in words. For a young woman, Zhanna is very strong in her faith, but that didn't come easy. During our interview Zhanna tells our listeners how she became acquainted with God in a deeper more personal way around age nineteen. She later explains how she suffered from fear, anxiety, and depression that drove her asking questions about her faith in God. Zhanna and I both discussed our journey overcoming anxiety by having a relationship with Jesus.

I love bringing positive women on my show to give a face and voice to our generation of what a woman's heart set on God is like. For me when I was younger, I didn't really have any examples of women my age to look up to. I think it's so important for women of all ages to surround themselves with the right kind of friends that will uplift, encourage, inspire, and motivate one another to be the best woman they were born to be without tearing each other down, competing, or envying one another. Zhanna is a great role model in today's society with such a BIG heart for those around her and the Kingdom of God. She also has a blog called, She Stands For Truth, where she shares with other girls on how to move through life with the grace and wisdom of God in their hearts. This chick is one inspiring woman! I wish I could include EVERY detail of our conversation here, but I don't want to spoil the rest! For more details about Zhanna Leontyuk's testimony and to catch the full interview, click here for the free podcast.

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