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//A Woman After God's Heart//

The Jaclyn Nicole Show, Episode 11: Power of Holy Spirit

Last Monday I had the amazing, the talented, the funny, and the one and only Laura Groth in the studio with me. She is a dear friend of mine that is the BEST sport in the world when life throws us lemons, she can make SPARKLING lemonade!! We had some pretty epic technical difficulties that night which was easy to get a lil off sorts but she just kept chugging along for the LORD and had me laughing the whole time! I love this lady!! I wouldn't want to be in that situation with anyone but her and her Holy Spirit attitude. She rocked it and blessed so many hearts!

I met Laura three years ago through a Women's Bible Study group at church called, Daughter's of Destiny. This is actually where A LOT of my friendships were birthed from. To God, I'm so thankful for blessing me with the opportunity to meet so many amazing women after God's own heart. Laura is honestly just so kind and thoughtful ALL the time! She has such a love for people and it really shows in her actions and gracious words towards everyone. I think that is why she is such a good fit to talk to us about Holy Spirit! When she opens her mouth to speak, you can see how close she is to Him and how sensitive to His heart she is. She really represents God's heart so well!

Laura is a wife to a Gilbert police officer named Tyler and together they have four beautiful daughters. Laura LOVES Jesus, baking, and mentoring women to better know their relationship with God through communication of His Word to practical action their everyday life. Laura isn't shy about her walk with God! I think that is one of her most attractive qualities and it encourages and impacts so many around her! I don't want to spoil too much of our conversation on the air, so for more details on her special episode and the hurdles we overcame to get together on the show, click here for the free podcast.

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