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//Amy Visconti, A Lead Pastor for Generation Church//

The Jaclyn Nicole Show, Episode 13: The Modern Day Woman

It was my honor and joy to have Amy Visconti, a lead pastor for Generation Church here in Arizona on The Jaclyn Nicole Show this past Monday. Amy works alongside her husband, Pastor Ryan Visconti. Together they pastor two campuses, both in East Mesa and Ahwatukee, with a young, hip, and trendy vibe reaching the lost for Jesus! Amy is also the Kids Director for Arizona Ministry Network.

I always love encouraging women to be the woman God created them to be by embracing the gifts, talents, and authentic personality that is uniquely theirs and no one else's! Sometimes, as women in a social media saturated society, it's a little too easy to start comparing ourselves with other women, mothers, wives, teachers, students, sisters, or friends. The list of comparisons can go on and on! Not to mention at times we can be our own worst enemy or critic. A lot of this has to do with our identity and finding our worth and value in who God SAYS we are found in His Word! I speak this from a heart who was once THAT girl and still sometimes find myself struggling with my own doubts as a woman. It's when I pick up God's Word and remind myself of my TRUE identity in Christ do I find peace and inner wholeness. Amy is an amazing example of what women who love Jesus can do and accomplish, especially at such a young age! Our world or our doubts can discourage us to believe that we are too young, too old, or not adequate enough to step out into the places we feel God is calling us to. But, it is in those moments we realize in our own weaknesses, we may never be adequate enough, but through the strength and power working IN us by God's own spirit (Holy Spirit) we find ourselves achieving more than we ever imagined possible.

Amy shares during our radio broadcast how her relationship with Jesus took her on adventures she only dreamed of as a little girl. We also talked about the importance of surrounding ourselves around other believers and the healing power of an environment of praise and worship, especially going to church! I used to not understand the positive life changes that will happen in one's life from going to church until I did. I grew up in the church as a little girl and stopped going when I was in Jr. High. From that time all the way till college, I found myself further from God than I ever wanted to be and skeptical of going back to church. It was when I started going BACK to church, my heart, life, and mind changed for the better till I rededicated my heart to Jesus!

Amy and her husband Ryan love to encourage others to give Church a try and while they're at it, JOIN A LIFE GROUP! This is the single easiest way to meet new people. Especially, if you are new to the area or new to the church, you can connect with others you share similar likes or dislikes with. This also helps build a positive group of friends in your life that you can do life with! #squadgoals. Both campuses of Generation Church have a 9:30 a.m., 11 a.m., and 6 p.m. service every Sunday. With the 1st Sunday of every month at the East Mesa campus being Young Adult Night (18-34 Yrs. old) and the 3rd Sunday of every month in Ahwatukee, the same concept. It's such a fun and refreshing way to connect with other young people in your community! With all the fun things going on at both campuses, what it's like to run a church with your husband and family and a day in the life of a Kids Director, click here to listen to Amy Visconti's full podcast for FREE!

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