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//Getting Real With Michelle Smith//

The Jaclyn Nicole Show, Episode 16: A Voice Across Seas

I was SO excited for last Monday's guest on The Jaclyn Nicole Show! This girl right here packs a tough punch in her faith and inspires youth all over the globe, literally! From mission trips to juvenile delinquency centers, Michelle Smith has a voice to be heard. Her stance to encourage and preach the gospel doesn't fall short to glorify her Heavenly Father. I can't wait for you to hear this woman's testimony and catch a sneak peek behind the scenes from Sacramento, California!

Michelle and I connected over Facebook a few years back and I have been blown away by her lifestyle posts ever since. A mentor of mine had told me about Michelle's contagious dedication to the youth and thought we would be of encouragement to each other. Man does that statement not even hold a candle to what Michelle does to serve her community. She doesn't let the distractions of this world pull her away from tackling in this life what matters to her most. Spreading the gospel to those who are hurting.

During our radio show conversation (captured through FaceTime) Michelle gets really REAL about her struggles and insecurities she has faced along the way. She pours into the hearts of our viewers the cost and attention her servanthood demands and where she pulls her strength from. Nothing shy of encouragement Michelle hits some heavy hitter topics like purity, partying, drinking, relationships, doubts, fears, victories, and her pursuit of the faith. I'm literally beaming in the spirit for you to taste a portion of the wisdom that she speaks and to see yourself through the eyes of Jesus as Michelle has learned to.

For more information about Michelle's inspiring journey, encouragement for women, and a joy that is undeniable, click here to listen to Michelle's full podcast for FREE!

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