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//Fit n' Fresh With Melanie Cedeno//

The Jaclyn Nicole Show, Episode 17: A Modern Day Wonder Woman

I had so much fun while I was in the studio with this babe as we talked about the importance of fitness for our mind, body, spirit, and soul on The Jaclyn Nicole Show! Did anyone raise an eyebrow when they heard that fitness isn't just to look good in your swimsuit? Fitness does more for you on the inside before you ever see the results on the outside. If that doesn't get your attention enough, come join my guest Melanie Cedeno and I, as we talk about practical ways to include fitness in your everyday routine by listening to the full podcast, here!

Melanie is a TRUE Modern Day Wonder Woman with her faith and fitness in full force! She shares her disciplines for fitness and faith, and just how much it impacts our moods, behaviors, mindset, and bodies. All too often we make excuses why we don't have time to exercise or maybe we just aren't motivated enough. Sure, motivation will get you started but it's your habits that will finish the race. In today's fast-paced society, we just don't have time NOT to workout. With pressures and distractions coming at us from every side, fitness can be one of the best stress relievers there is, besides JESUS of course (wink face)!

During our radio show conversation, Melanie also shares her eating tips and what she buys and doesn't buy at the grocery store. You are what you eat, right? As much as we all wish this wasn't true, that fact is, this statement couldn't be anymore TRUE. What we fuel our bodies with is just as important as our workouts and impacts our fitness goals by large. The bottom line is, Don't Waste Your Health! You were made for more and as Creflo Dollar states, you don't want to be "Broke, Busted, or Disgusted!" For more information on tonight's topic, click the link above to listen for FREE! Until then, we'll see you next time! #FaithFitnessFood

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