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//Wedding Bells & High School Sweethearts//

The Jaclyn Nicole Show, Episode 21: A Christ Centered Marriage

God had put it in both Cara and Eddie's heart to share their testimony from being High School sweethearts to then giving their lives to Christ in the middle of their dating relationship. This brought them many trials and challenges during this growing phase, both with each other and their relationship with God. Over time they are able to look back and see the BIG picture of what God was doing in hindsight. Both Cara and Eddie share how during their earlier stages of their relationship with one another they struggled with their identity and knowing who they truly are. Cara opens up during the show and explains her struggle with finding her identity in a boyfriend and being in love. After she gave her heart to Christ she learned that her identity is found in Jesus, not in another person. After a couple break-ups and getting back together Cara and Eddie later realized that the only way their relationship would last is if they put Jesus in the center of it.

After being married, they can assure you that giving their hearts to Christ and living with Him at the center of their lives and their relationship has proven to build a stronger and healthier foundation for their marriage. Their testimony can attest to it. So many believers and non-believers may struggle with identity and what it truly means to find your purpose in Him who created you - as opposed to a person, place or thing on earth that makes them feel good. The love of Jesus is a lot different than the love in the world. It's a selfless, self-sacrificing love that can only be taught through a relationship with Jesus. To discover a more in-depth of this perspective and the truth found in God's Word please click here for Cara and Eddie's FULL podcast!

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