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//Reflection – 2017//

As I look back in reflection of 2017, I smile to think the amount of Joy and true peace God has granted me through His grace this year, but it all came from my choice to choose joy over my affliction of many trails.​

It’s easy to look at someone who has joy and immediately think they have it all together. That somehow they made it through this world with an easy life. Those who know me my life is far from perfect, but I can choose Joy in the midst of many trails because I know my God is faithful. This past year I’ve probably faced more hard times as a “Christ Follower” than my entire life summed into one. From the loss of employment, financial stress, career uncertainty, relationships broken, love lost, friendship strains, health concerns, family tension, mental, emotional, physical, and even spiritual trials...the enemy meant for harm. Though these have been used for my benefit from the One who holds my future in His hands.

A lot of good has come from last year from starting my own blog and radio show for women, coordinating weddings, switching careers, landing my dream job, becoming a brand ambassador, walking in a couple fashion shows, teaching, mentoring youth, making new friends, meeting new people, achieving dreams, crushing goals, and being blessed beyond measure. It all comes down to PERSPECTIVE and I choose joy.

Joy is not the result of perfect circumstances, but a perfect Heavenly Father. Though it didn’t feel amazing walking through some of these challenges, I look back in Thanksgiving. I’m thankful to say some of those trials ended up being some of the best things that could have ever happened to me. They taught me, strengthened me, pushed me, and grew me. Today I’m a better and stronger person because of 2017 and one step closer to the REAL me (Woman of God) I was destined, chosen, and called to be. Forever upward, victory-minded, called to encourage, a blessing speaker...I challenge you to choose Joy! #HeresTo2018

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