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Hebrew Letter, “Aleph.”

To grasp a greater understanding of the spirit realm, let us begin to learn about the first ancient Hebrew word in the Hebrew alphabet, Aleph.

Aleph is the first letter in Hebrew and it means outward thrusting energy that seeds the universe or cosmos.

It is the primal force of creation that exists before any form could ever be visualized in the Bible. Aleph is silent so therefore the act of creation starts with BEIT, which is the second letter, because there was no sound until God spoke. We can study an atom and gain greater understanding on vibrations. An atom has electrons, protons, and neutrons which are made of quarks - all of which are vibrations.

These atoms form solid objects from the invisible to the visible. This reveals that the invisible spiritual realm is more real than the visible realm because the visible realm is only here because of the invisible.

So God, the Author and the Finisher of the spiritual realm created this physical realm we live in today.

This means that all of life is in motion. Aleph represents a person who is ready for action and the divine power that each person possess’. It reveals to us how everything is interconnected and composed of Divine oneness.

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