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Season 3 of The Jaclyn Nicole Show

"And this Light never fails to shine through darkness - Light that darkness could not overcome!" - John 1:5

It has been such an honor to get to use my platform to shine the Light of Jesus Christ to all the world on my radio show. I never thought in a million years I would have the guts to talk in front of others or even hear my voice broadcasted on social media. It is really amazing what God can do, through our weaknesses and our insecurities, if we allow Him to have His way in our lives. My heart behind my radio show is to build up the body of Christ and also extend an invitation to those who never considered making Jesus their Lord and Savior, to taste and see what all the hype is about, that HE REALLY IS GOOD!

The first season of The Jaclyn Nicole Show was really geared towards women of faith in the community and how their relationship with Jesus impacted the world around them. The second season was all about my guest speakers for Save A Life Tour, as I interviewed them and they shared their hearts and testimonies about overcoming fear, worry, anxiety, depression, suicidal thoughts, drug & alcohol addictions, and sexual abuse. You can check out those testimonies here.

Season Three is all about shining the Light in a dark and gloomy world by highlighting some phenomenally powerful ministries and controversial topics in The Word of God to equip the saints and enlighten the lost. This season will definitely be a huge eye opener for some or a "tuck your tail in between your legs and run" for others! Jesus always spoke the Truth in Love, because Jesus is the Truth and He is Love. I want all that I do to glorify God and point others to Jesus. I want Christians to live a Romans 8 legacy and not be stuck in a Romans 7 lifestyle. To do that, as believers we must mature and grow up and leave the elementary things, "the bottle of milk" and advance to the "meat and potatoes" of The Word.

Come and join me and my guest's in Season 3 of The Jaclyn Nicole Show, coming soon! In the meantime, you can listen to Season 2 of The Jaclyn Nicole Show by clicking here. You can also follow me on Instagram and Facebook to get the latest details about the show and the date of the upcoming launch!



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