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The Hebrew Word BEIT.

Today’s word is the first letter in the Bible, and the second letter in the Hebrew alphabet: BEIT. This word explains, that nothing could exist or be imagined, until God spoke the sound waves that became the invisible vibrations, needed to create the visible form we see today.

Genesis 1:1 says, “in the beginning, God created heaven and earth.” The letter “I” in “in“ is the second letter BEIT of the Hebrew alphabet. It explains, God created visible and the invisible or heaven and earth, and all its substance with this phrase. So, through this letter, we can learn about all the information of the purpose of creation. Further, we gain greater understanding on the purpose of mankind. As well as, scientific answers to how everything was created.

This word's meaning goes very deep. In short, it explains that the universe and our own existence within it, was designed to be a dwelling place for the divine God. Including; His thoughts, words, and actions on this earth. As vessels for God, this allows us to participate in this powerful energy of our own existence in the universe, to affect change around us.

In addition, this word represents duality. Light versus dark, good versus evil, positive versus negative, etc...

In conclusion, all things seen comes from what is unseen, and neither could be created until God spoke it into existence. Both realms are connected, and we as humans, have the ability to pull from the unseen into the seen.

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