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The Jaclyn Nicole Show, Episode 14: A Lifestyle Of Worship

It was a real TREAT to have my good friend, Kirsten D'Onofrio on the air with me last Monday! She and I discussed the topic of worship. We all worship something right? Well, what does it look like to worship God in our crazy, hectic, always busy lives? This was a great night and you don't have to miss it! This is for you! No matter if you go to school or you are a mom, teacher, single, business woman, married, graduated, switching careers, entrepreneur, etc...We hit some pretty personal topics that we have both dealt with in our busy schedules and we get right down and intimate with the facts.

Kirsten and I met about four years ago during a women's bible study gathering at the church we were both attending, called Daughter's of Destiny. Side note, I can't tell you how many GREAT friendships I have met through this bible study and other life groups at church. (Which is why I HIGHLY recommend joining one at your local church to meet new people and form some pretty awesome friendships!) Okay, back to my story...Kirsten and I became great friends quick. We discovered we had so many things in common, like our birthdays, what our Mom's do for a living, and most importantly our love for Jesus and worship!

Let's face it. Life can just get CRAZY sometimes. You get married, have a baby, move out of state, switch jobs or careers, go back to school. The list can go on forever, honestly. If we are not careful our list of reasons why we CAN NOT worship God or spend quality time with Him everyday can go on forever too. Why does this happen to even the best of us with the best of intentions? Well simply because we just have to live life INTENTIONAL. Intentional meaning, we can't wait for all the right opportunities to spend time with God or when we have finished all our tasks because that time or day may never come. We need to CREATE that time and be intentional about it. Just like when we text a girlfriend to have a girls night or we schedule our hair appointments, or go on a date night with our spouse or boyfriend. We need to create time and make time for God daily, and this is the best choice for us no matter how busy we are.

Kirsten and I discuss some of the important reasons why to worship God and what it looks like. Also we shared some personal things we went through during those rough patches in our lives when we just felt sorta off and not quite our normal selves. I don't want to spoil too much of the juicy topic so you can taste and see for yourself! It's totally worth it, click here to listen to Kirsten's full podcast for FREE!

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