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//A Stunning Girl With An Inspiring Story//

The Jaclyn Nicole Show, Episode 15: Your Story Matters

I was so blessed last Monday night on the air of The Jaclyn Nicole Show with my special guest, Erica Cardenas, founder of inspireHER! You don't want to miss the message behind this global movement! InspireHER was created for women to share their story and be a positive voice in today's society. From a t-shirt line to brand ambassadors traveling the globe to inspire and encourage one girl at a time.

Erica and I met on social media of all places through a mutual friend of ours. Though I didn't get the opportunity to meet Erica in person before the show, I was so blown away just by her message she shares. Despite all odds or what the world may call impossible, Erica faced her challenges in life with determination, ambition, and a bright smile. Erica has a way of lighting up the room both with her smile and the joy that is expressed through her heart. It is without a doubt Erica loves to spread hope to everyone she encounters.

In today's society, it is all too easy for women to feel they have fallen short in beauty, brains, or character flaws. With all the social media and hype in the fashion and entertainment industry, women are changing their bodies and frames just to be compared to what they think the world calls beautiful. All this is done in the name of fame without the true knowledge of the beauty they already carry within. God makes each one of us unique and calls each of us to a special purpose that was designed just for us before the foundations of the earth (see 2 Timothy 1:9, 1 Peter 1:20, and Ephesians 1:4). The message behind inspireHER speaks of such things. Written on every inspireHER clothing tag, an inspireHER girl believes she is special and that she was created for a purpose. She is brave, she is chosen, and she is unique. Whenever she has doubts or worries, she surrenders them and trusts that everything will work out the right way, at the right time. Who is this girl? It's YOU! Who is blessed with identity, value, and worth!

Erica and I discuss the story behind inspireHER, how it got started, and her personal testimony along the journey. This message is for every woman and girl, click here to listen to Erica's full podcast for FREE!

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