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The Jaclyn Nicole Show, Episode 18: From Identity Crisis, To Christ's Identity

It was such an honor and privilege for me to have two of the most influential marriage ministry pastor's on The Jaclyn Nicole Show last Monday Night, Derek and Debra Williamson! Wow. Just Wow! For anyone who knows these two means, they have been blessed with a powerful perspective from God's Word about Marriage which these two teach. Starting from a Marriage Ministry class at Living Word Bible Church in Mesa, AZ called Unbreakable, to a worldwide Ministry Headquarters, these two have made their mark in today's society.

The show starts not in the typical way you would think. Although Pastor's Derek and Debra Williamson teach on marriage, they first like to cultivate one's heart towards identity. If you don't know your identity in Christ and what God's Word says about who you are, first being a child of God. Then no marriage counseling or sermons in the world will be able to fix your marriage or help you out as a single woman or man of God. It first starts with YOU! And as you, I mean You IN Christ!

Debra wrote a book about identity called, "God-Sized Dreams" where she opens up to her readers about her identity struggles and insecurities growing up and all the way through adulthood. As many others start to think they are incomplete until they have found that "perfect" someone, Debra writes about being complete in Christ first. This is the foundation of both Derek and Debra's Ministry. They build up individuals in Christ first so that they can become a better wife, husband, father, mother, sister, brother, and so on! With this foundation in each of our hearts established in Christ first, our Marriages will become healthier and our single lives will be more fruitful in the waiting.

I can not wait for you to hear the wisdom that comes out of these two mouths! It was such a treat getting to talk about life, love, identity, and Christ with both Derek and Debra. For more information about last Monday's show and to delve-in this juicy topic please click here for the full FREE podcast!

For God-Sized Dreams

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