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//A Woman On A Mission//

The Jaclyn Nicole Show, Episode 19: From West Coast To East Coast

I had the AMAZING opportunity to chat with the beautiful and talented, Chelsea Norton, all the way from Fort Walton Beach, Florida last Monday on The Jaclyn Nicole Show. What a chick! From beauty and brains to an unapologetic heart for her love of Jesus, Chelsea shares her radical testimony through her personal journey. After just talking with her for five minutes you become incredibly encouraged and cannot see past her positive perspective for all life's circumstances.

If you think God has called you to something impossible if He doesn't show up and make it happen supernaturally Himself, then you gotta hear Chelsea's story! She is a woman on a mission. One day at a time, with Jesus by her side, she has overcome and conquered some of the toughest obstacles. From west coast to east coast, she spills the beans about her faith in Christ.

Peer pressure, sex, party, drugs, a lifestyle made to feel lonely; are just a few things a young girl in high school may face in her life. These don't have to be roadblocks or stop signs on your quest to obtain God's love but an invitation to receive God's forgiveness through repentance of sins and salvation from Christ. Chelsea shares her unique visions and goals matched by her passion for constant communication with Jesus and explains how you or I can have the same personal relationship with Jesus. For more information and to hear Chelsea Norton's FULL testimony please click here for the FREE podcast!

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