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//A Facebook LIVE Special//

The Jaclyn Nicole Show, Episode 20: Perfectly Transparent

When plans changed and didn't go exactly how Heather and I imagined last week, we thought what not a better way to talk about being transparent like a Facebook LIVE video! Though we struggled a bit with some technical difficulties, God's hand was all over the message we were about to share and nothing was going to stop us! Heather opened up her heart for the first time publicly sharing parts of her testimony with souls across social media to passionately express just how good her God is. Heather shows that just as life can be oh so not perfect at times, her faith in Jesus and the testimony of her story declares just how faithful God really is.

Unashamed of her transparency Heather hopes to share her story with women all across the globe to speak into their lives just how valuable they really are and how perfectly they were created in the eyes of God. It is all too easy for women to hide behind a mask of shame and place all their guilt into hopes of finding their worth and value in relationships, people, their looks and bodies or ideas of what they think perfect is. All the while they sell themselves short of the glory of God working in their lives. Unapologetic, bold, courageous, and vivacious you don't want to miss another second of Heather Ratliff's tell-all story! For her FULL testimony please click here for the FREE podcast!

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