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//My Interview On Coffee With Tara//

A few days back I had the honor and privilege to be on my beautiful friend, Tara Swan's YouTube channel, Coffee With Tara.

Tara Swan is an amazing young woman who's heart for God is so contagious you can hardly not smile, laugh, or feel incredibly blessed in her presence. She has a special way of letting her inner beauty shine out and impact those around her. Especially, when it comes to encouraging others toward their calling. During Tara Swan's interviews, people share their testimony over a cup of coffee while Tara records and documents her experience to encourage and inspire others. Later these stories can be read on her blog or watched on her YouTube channel. Just like me, Tara enjoys health, fitness, fashion, beauty, and JESUS. She has a captivating way of motivating others to reach their best potential. Tara helps others take off the clothing of low self-esteem and wear the beauty that God created them to wear!

During my interview, Tara asked me fun and exciting questions about my blog and radio show as well as, my faith in God, my heart for the youth, and the trials and victories I faced along the way. To check out the full interview for more details on my exciting new journey click here. To follow Tara Swan on who's she interviewing next, you can visit her blog at or subscribe to her YouTube channel at

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