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Restoring Biblical Understanding To The Supernatural

Belief in the supernatural, miracles, and manifestation is very prevalent today among younger generations. So much so, that younger people are leaving the traditional church, and belief in the Bible, for worldly religions. Such as, paganism, witchcraft, and the New Age movement, among others. My question has always been, 'Why?' If anyone truly reads, and attempts to understand the Bible, it offers explanations to everything people in life search for.

The Bible explains the supernatural, how to live in it, how to manifest miracles, healing, dreams, visions, and other forms of engaging in the supernatural, all through the power of the Holy Spirit and Jesus Christ. It explains the fall of man, how the blood of the lamb restored us, and our rightful place with heaven and father God. So, we are able to engage, live out our spiritual side, and be spiritual beings. Through Jesus’ blood we can now have a relationship with the Creator of all things.

Moreover, the Bible explains the iniquity found in the evil, who became Satan. He has attempted throughout the ages to corrupt the DNA of mankind and teach men to sin. Which is why we deal with all of the evil and religious counterfeits we see today. So, why is this concept not desirable to those seeking the supernatural? Could it be that we, as Christians, have not done a good job at explaining this to our young people? Have we not done a good job in walking in this walk ourselves, showing others the power of manifestation of the one true God?

That is why I created this page. To bring more knowledge and understanding to the biblical origins, and principles of the supernatural realm we all deeply desire to be a part of. As well as, how other religions, by the influence of Satan, have attempted to deceive and bring people off track, to try and find answers in other areas. I fully acknowledge that I do not have all the answers. However, I ask that you join this journey with me as we converse, exchange ideas, and discover how Father God, the God of all gods, is the origin of the supernatural. How all our questions, answers, and spiritual inquiries can be found in Him.


If you'd like to know more information about the Author, you can follow Miranda on social media by visiting her on Facebook and Instagram! As well as, joining her on her Biblical Enlightenment journey!

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